Update on MicroPro Shield™ Services

After a year and a half of working from home due to the pandemic, many workplaces across the Richmond area have begun to reopen. Although it’s finally safe to return to the office, our new normal means that things can’t be the same as they were before. From socially distanced desks to staggered schedules, the pandemic’s fingerprints are all over back-to-work plans nationwide. And even with these extra precautions, many workers are feeling anxious about being in the office again. By enhancing your office’s cleaning and disinfecting protocols, you can make your workplace a safer and more comfortable place to be for all of your employees.
As offices and other busy public spaces get up and running again, the CDC has issued guidelines on how best to keep your space clean and safe. Of particular importance are high-touch surfaces like door handles, railings, elevator buttons, and bathroom sinks. All of these should be cleaned at least once per day, and possibly more if your office is in an area with high rates of transmission. Lower touch surfaces should be cleaned regularly as well.

Staying on top of your office’s indoor air quality is also vital to keeping employees safe. Since COVID-19 is often transmitted via airborne particles, ensuring that your employees are breathing clean, healthy air is a must. Beyond improving ventilation in your office, an easy way to improve indoor air quality is to keep your office’s soft surfaces clean. Prior to your reopening date, have your carpets, rugs, and upholstery professionally deep cleaned. Weekly vacuuming can help keep carpets and rugs clean until the next deep cleaning, which is recommended at least twice a year.

If you’re ready to make your Richmond area office a cleaner place for your employees, Chem-Dry of Richmond can help! We offer a range of commercial cleaning services that are sure to give your staff peace of mind. Chem-Dry is renowned nationwide for our unbeatable carpet and upholstery cleaning services, which use the power of carbonation to lift more dirt and grime out of carpets than traditional steam cleaners. We’re able to remove up to 98% of allergens in just one treatment. When you choose our Healthy Home package, we’ll also use a sanitizer that removes 89% of airborne bacteria from your soft surfaces. To take your deep clean a step further, Chem Dry’s MicroPro Shield™ commercial sanitizing service combines spraying and misting to disinfect both high-touch and low-touch surfaces. Our EPA approved, hospital grade disinfectant is hypoallergenic and provides continuous protection for up to 90 days. MicroPro Shield™ is safe to use on hard and soft surfaces, as well as in foodservice settings.

With Chem-Dry of Richmond, you and your staff can return to work with confidence. Call us today at (804) 719-2960 to learn more about what we can do for your office.