Tile and Grout Cleaning

Chem-Dry of Richmond, VA

When you choose the floor cleaning services of Chem-Dry of Richmond, you are choosing to have the cleanest, freshest smelling home or office possible. You are also choosing the most caring team of professional floor cleaners in the area.

Our carpet cleaning is just the first step towards healthy, beautiful living areas. Our floor cleaning services also include tile and grout cleaning, sanitization and protection.

From your carpets and rugs to your tiled floors and walls, Chem-Dry of Richmond is the carpet cleaning company with the professional floor cleaning services necessary to bring the clean and eliminate the odor.

Scrub Out Tough Stains, Dirt And Mildew

Professional tile and grout cleaning is one of the most overlooked cleaning services for the home. Most of us clean our bathrooms and kitchens using store-bought chemicals that give us headaches or scrub for hours with a wire brush.

Chem-Dry of Richmond offers the most thorough tile and grout cleaning you’ve ever experienced. Your house isn’t truly clean if your tiled floors and walls don’t shine.

If your tile grout requires sealing, or if you have a few pieces that are chipped or broken and need to be replaced, just let us know when you schedule your appointment. Our comprehensive services take your home or office to a new level of clean.

Stone Floor Cleaning

Stone floors are great for their durability, practicality, and natural beauty. But when it comes to cleaning and caring for your stone surfaces, a different approach is required. In fact, stone floor cleaning methods vary based on the individual type of flooring.

  • Ceramic tile is a man-made, clay-fired material that in some cases, looks like real stone. For this type of cleaning, we offer tile and grout cleaning and sealing.
  • Quarry tiles are an unglazed ceramic material that are particularly well-suited to the outdoors due to their low absorption and resistance to freezing. For this kind of tile, Chem-Dry of Richmond offers stone floor cleaning or stripping, along with sealing or a wax finish.
  • Terra cotta or Saltillo tiles are one of the oldest ceramic materials made by man. Made by mixing clay and water, drying naturally, and then baking in a kiln, this type of stone floor requires special cleaning.

No matter what kind of stone flooring your home features, we can help. Chem-Dry of Richmond uses Spinergy Stone Polishing Pads to eliminate all signs of wear on a wide array of tile and stone finishes. From dull hone to a high polish, call on Chem-Dry of Richmond for proven and reliable stone floor cleaning and refinishing solutions.